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Welcome to the cyberpond

Welcome to the cyberpond


About CyberDucks

At the beginning 150 pixel CyberDucks NFT appeared on the web and started to populate a virtual space known as Cyberpond.

From this place in constant transformation a new CyberDucks generation was born:

CyberDucks Evolution!

7777 unique and randomly generated NFT quacking on the blockchain.

Grab one before they fly away!

Highest Sales

All CyberDucks are special, but some have stood out more than others. Don't stand staring at the floor because they will all fly to the moon!


CyberDucks is not a simple NFT art project. We have big plans for the future so we are working hard to build a strong community with rewards, utilities, collaborations and much more! We will ask the community to help us deciding the next steps to grow more and more together.


Mar 21
✓ Launch CyberDucks project


Nov 21
  • ✓ Launch CyberDucks official website
  • ✓ Release all 150 CyberDucks Genesis


Dec 21 – Jan 22
  • ✓ Launch CyberDucks Evolution
  • • Giveaway for holders
  • • Get listed on Rarity Tools
  • • CyberDucks Genesis OpenSea to ERC-721 migration


Q1 2022
• Token

Creation of our token. Each CyberDuck gets the token every day.

• Wedding

Set up a duck wedding center selling virtual limited products. Gifts can be purchased with the token and can be given to the owner of the female duck to obtain a mate.

• Breeding

Set up an exclusive community mating section, allowing owners to interact with each other to match. After mating, each owner will receive an egg that will hatch into a duckling. Pay attention, there will be only 2277 female CyberDucks! CyberDucks Genesis can be used as both males and females.


Q2 2022
• CyberDucks VX

Sneak Peak


Every CyberDuck Genesis holder can receive a CyberDuck Evolution for FREE (+ gas) for each Genesis he owns. 27 more are reserved for giveaways and airdrops. The remainder of the CyberDucks are all for sale for
0.04 eth each.

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Made by ducks in 2021